I am an ecologist focused on carnivore-salmon-human systems in coastal British Columbia. I am passionate about the intersection of human governance systems and ecological systems, pursuing research that is applied and community driven.

I research spatial and temporal patterns of predator-prey systems and their implications for shared resources with human communities, in a complex and naturally fragmented ecosystem on the central coast of BC.

I completed my doctorate with Dr. Chris Darimont and team at the Applied Conservation Science Lab as a Hakai-Raincoast scholar at the University of Victoria and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

I am grateful for the support of the Raincoast Conservation FoundationHakai InstituteWuikinuxv Nation, Wilburforce Foundation and their Fellowship in Conservation ScienceGrizzly Bear FoundationNSERC IPS program and Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship program, as well as the leaders, collaborators, and friends from coastal communities I work with.

I proud to be a co-founder and member of the Sea to Cedar Initiative.