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Ecosystem-based management, predator-prey systems, salmon ecology, socio-ecological systems, community engagement, Indigenous governance; in British Columbia’s coastal temperate rainforests and central interior.

2022-present. Salmon Projects Coordinator, Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance.

2019-2022. Postdoctoral Fellow, Conservation Decisions Lab, University of British Columbia.

2012-19. PhD in Geography, University of Victoria, BC & the Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Supervisor: Dr. Chris Darimont. Thesis title: Cultural and ecological relationships among consumers, food, and landscapes; implications for stewarding bear-human-salmon systems.

2005-10. BSc (Honours, Co-op, with Distinction) in Biology, University of Victoria, BC. Supervisor: Dr. John Volpe. Thesis title: Factors mediating coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) distribution and abundance in freshwater systems in the Broughton Archipelago, B.C.

Refereed Journal Articles
Adams, M., Tulloch V., Hemphill, J., Penn, B., Anderson, L.T., Davis, K., Avery-Gomm, S., Harris, A., Martin, T. 2023. Inclusive approaches for cumulative effects assessments. People and Nature 00:1-15. Open Access Link.

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Adams, M., Connors, B., Levi, T., Shaw, D., Walkus, J., Rogers, S., and Darimont, C. 2021. Local values and data empower culturally-guided ecosystem-based fisheries management of the Wuikinuxv bear-salmon-human system. Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science 13:362–378 . Open Access Link.

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Edited Book Chapters
Adams, M., Service, C., Walkus, J., Carpenter, J., Housty, J., Neasloss, D., Paquet, P., and Darimont, C. 2015. De-centering the university from community-based research: a framework for engagement between academic and indigenous collaborators in natural resource and conservation research, in: Gros-Louis McHugh, N., Gentelet, K., Basile, S. (Eds.), Toolbox on the Research Principles in an Aboriginal Context: Ethics, Respect, Equity, Reciprocity, Collaboration and Culture. First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission, Centre de recherche en droit public, Université du Québec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, pp. 7–17.

PhD: Adams, M. 2019. Cultural and ecological relationships among consumers, food, and landscapes; implications for stewarding bear-human-salmon systems. Department of Geography, University of Victoria.

BSc Honours: Adams, M. 2009. Factors mediating coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) distribution and abundance in freshwater systems in the Broughton Archipelago, B.C. Department of Biology, University of Victoria.

Select Technical Reports
Adams, M. 2015. Nicknaqueet Hydropower Project; Grizzly bear impact assessment. Prepared for: The Wuikinuxv Nation and the Barkley Project Group. 22 pp.

Adams, M., Rogers, S., Mackay, A., and C. T. Darimont. 2013-2017. Wuikinuxv Bear Project Annual Research Summary. Prepared annually for: The Wuikinuxv Nation Stewardship Office.

Adams, M. and Rogers, S. 2013. Loose Lake Coho Tributary Restoration Project: The Assessment. Prepared for: Mainland Enhancement of Salmonid Species Society.

Gill et al. 2011. Eradication Phases 1 & 2 of non-native rats from Bischof and Arichika Islands. Prepared by: Coastal Conservation, for: Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, Skidegate BC. 100 pp.

Adams, M. 2010. The Dual Mandate: Department of Fisheries’ management of wild salmon and finfish aquaculture in British Columbia since 1982. Raincoast Research Society, Sointula BC. 35 pp. Official submission by RRS to the Federal Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the decline of sockeye salmon in the Fraser River.

Adams, M., Vagelatos, N., and Whiteside, S. 2009. Spring/summer salmonid species and habitat quality assessments in freshwater systems of the Broughton Archipelago, BC. Prepared for: Mainland Enhancement of Salmonid Species Society.

2017-18          Wilburforce Fellowship in Conservation Science
2015-19          Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship
2012-15          NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship
2013                W. R. Derrick Sewell Stewardship Scholarship
2012                UVic Geography Entrance Scholarship
2010                Global Greengrants Fund, Fisheries Fund
2009                NSERC Undergraduate Science Research Award
2008                UVic Coop Service Learning Internship Program
2005                University of Victoria Entrance Scholarship
2005                Alexander Rutherford Scholarship for Academic Excellence

PRESENTATIONS – presenting author only
Conference Presentations
2022 Canadian Conference For Fisheries Research, Vancouver, BC.
2020 North American Congress for Conservation Biology, Denver, CO.
2017 Ecological Society of America, Portland, OR.
2016 Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, St. John’s, NL.
2014 North American Congress for Conservation Biology, Missoula, MT.
2014 Western Division of Canadian Association of Geographers, Victoria, BC.
2013,’14 Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference, Bamfield, BC.
2013 Geography Graduate Symposium. Victoria, BC.
2013 Environmental Studies and Geography Conference, Victoria, BC

Invited Seminars and Lectures
2022 Indigenous Data Sovereignty Webinar, Watershed Futures Initiative.
2022 GEOG 304, University of Victoria.
2021 CONS 440, University of British Columbia.
2021 GEOG 304, University of Victoria.
2020 CONS 440, University of British Columbia.
2017 GEOG 209, University of Victoria.
2017 GEOG 304, University of Victoria.
2016 ES 423, University of Victoria.
2015 MRNE BIOL 437, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.
2015 GEOG 456, Hakai Institute and University of Victoria.
2014 Ecology@UVic seminar series, University of Victoria.
2014 GIS Open-Mic, Geography Department, University of Victoria.
2014 GEOG 453, Hakai Beach Institute and University of Victoria.
2013 GEOG 453, Hakai Beach Institute and University of Victoria.
2013 GEOG 353, University of Victoria.

Public Talks
2020 The Salmon Forest. Coastal Insights Digital Education & Outreach series, Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Youtube link here.
2019 Salmon and Bears of Coastal BC. Roads Scholar & Routes Adventure Tour.
2018 One Shot for Coastal Carnivores. Raincoast event at the Robert Bateman Centre, Victoria, BC.
2018 Floating Ideas Lecture Series, Centre for the Salish Sea. Co-presented with Jennifer Walkus. Sidney, BC.
2017 Panel discussion for film screening Reaching Blue regarding storytelling and science, Robert Bateman Centre, Victoria BC.
2017 Bears and salmon in our back yards, Grade 1, Georgia Park Elementary School. Campbell River, BC.
2016 Spying on the neighbours: riverbank run-ins with wildlife. Storytelling evening at the Royal BC Museum, Victoria BC.
2016 Intersecting the scientific and artistic process, Senior Art Classes, Strathcona Tweedsmuir School. Okotoks, AB.
2016 A career in biology and conservation, Grade 9 Science, Red Deer Lake School. Calgary, AB.
2014 Nature Talks: Coastal Connections, Conservation Speaker series. Nature Conservancy of Canada, Victoria BC.
2013-2019 Weekly lectures during May & June with the Wuikinuxv Nation elementary school and community, in the field, classroom, and community hall.
2013-2016 Guest speaker series & staff wildlife briefing, Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, BC.

Project Coordinator | Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance, Central Coast BC
2022-present: Project Coordinator for three core funding streams that support monitoring and subsequent decision-making for salmon catch, populations, and habitat on the Central Coast of BC. CCIRA directly supports the combined efforts of the Heiltsuk, Kitasoo Xai’xais, Nuxalk, and Wuikinuxv First Nations in various stewardship activities. My work focuses directly on the Nations’ salmon-specific projects both within specific territories and across the entire Central Coast region.

Project co-lead | Central Coast Cumulative Effects Project, UBC, Central Coast BC
2019-2022: Project lead for Indigenous engagement and scoping, development of expert elicitation methodologies, workshop facilitation, and data analysis for the Central Coast Cumulative Effects Project. I worked with artists, designers, and Indigenous facilitators to develop a process whereby we could engage local knowledge holders in accessible formats so they could contribute to an assessment of current and future pressures on focal species of collaborating Nations’ choices.

Project lead biologist | Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Central Coast BC
2012-2019: Project lead investigating relationships of salmon abundance and bear population dynamics in Wuikinuxv Nation territory, on the Central Coast of BC. We lived and worked for two months each year in Wuikinuxv village, working with the Wuikinuxv Guardian Watchmen. This fieldwork was part of a multi-Nation bear monitoring program and provided data for components of my doctoral work.

Scientist-in-residence & guide | Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, Central Coast BC
2014-2016: Boat operator and wilderness and wildlife guide; provide expertise on development of wildlife programs and community engagement for the resort.

Research assistant | Raincoast & Ecology and Evolution Lab, UVic, Quatsino Sound BC
2011-2012: Field technician for doctoral project of Raincoast biologist Caroline Fox, investigating marine-terrestrial nutrient linkages for Pacific herring, ranging from seabird observation to monitoring carnivores to sampling for intertidal fatty acid and stable isotope analysis.

Research assistant | Raincoast Research Society, Broughton Archipelago BC
2010-2012: Developed benthic sampling programs to study impact of salmon farms. Built community networks for salmon disease sampling. Prepared legal submission for federal Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the decline of Fraser River sockeye salmon.

Field technician | Coastal Conservation & Gwaii Haanas Ntl Park, Haida Gwaii BC
2011: Field and GIS/data management technician for invasive rat eradication project, an Ancient murrelet colony habitat restoration effort in a remote, protected archipelago.

Field technician | Salmon Coast Field Station, Broughton Archipelago BC
2011: Long-term monitoring project of Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Salmon Coast investigating interactions between zooplankton, wild salmon, and salmon farms.

Principle investigator | Mainland Enhancement of Salmonid Species Society & University of Victoria, Broughton Archipelago BC 
2009: Principle investigator (honours thesis) of coho distribution in 50 watersheds, investigating ecological drivers and impacts of population enhancement and logging.

Research assistant | Seafood Ecology Research Group, UVic, Broughton Archipelago BC
2008: Responsible for data collection and analysis investigating potential rapid evolution of pink salmon in response to population level impacts of salmon farms along migration routes.

Research assistant | Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Smithers BC
2007: Investigated dynamics of complex forest stands through silviculture techniques, vegetation plots, ecotype classification, and archaeological assessment.

Assistant wildlife biologist & education curriculum coordinator | Kootenay, Yoho, & Banff National Parks, AB & BC
2007: Monitored bighorn sheep and lynx populations. Worked with regional school districts to build relationships and develop education programs to meet curriculum delivered by Parks staff.

Guide and environmental educator | Rocky Mountain YMCA, Canmore AB
2005-2008: Backcountry guide for hiking, paddling, and horsepacking in the Alberta Rockies. Provided daily environmental programming in addition to backcountry travel.

UVic Geography Graduate Executive Committee, 2014-16: Committee acts on behalf of graduate students with the department and faculty.
UVic Geography Weekly Speaker Series Committee, 2014-16: Booked a broad range speakers (from hydrologists to anarchists to ecologists) for the weekly department colloquium
Ecology@UVic Discussion Group, Geography representative, 2013-14: Booked seminar contributors for Ecology@UVic, which spans Biology, Geography, Environmental Studies, Forestry and Earth & Ocean Sciences at UVic.

Peer Reviewer
I have done reviews for the journals Canadian Journal of Zoology, Conservation Biology, Conservation Letters, Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Oecologia, Polar Biology, as well as Raincoast Conservation Foundation (articles, reports), Sea to Cedar Initiative (reports, grants), Wuikinuxv Nation (reports, grants).

Conference Organizer – Core Team
Wuikinuxv Research Gathering, Hakai Quadra Campus, 2020
Worked with Wuikinuxv Nation leadership and Stewardship staff to organize and facilitate the gathering of a new network of prospective or current researchers within Wuikinuxv territory to discuss protocols and expectations for engaged research.

Conservation Week, University of Victoria & Sierra Club of BC, 2016
Led organizing committee to host a week of public lectures and workshops focused on future directions of conservation biology and connectivity, featuring Michael Soulé, Harvey Locke.

Hakai Research Gathering, University of Victoria, 2014
Organizing committee for gathering of 200+ Hakai Institute researchers and partners (Indigenous, provincial government) to come together to share research findings.

Conference Volunteer (session chair, misc volunteering): Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research (2022), Western Division of Canadian Association of Geographers (2014), Pacific Ecology & Evolution Conference (2013,’14), UVic Geography Graduate Symposium (2013), UVic Environmental Studies and Geography Conference (2013)

Co-founder, board member | Sea to Cedar Initiative
2013-present: Sea to Cedar is focused on conservation initiatives in the southern Great Bear Rainforest and the Klinaklini Valley (which connects the coast to the central interior). Working with Nimmo Bay Resort and Musgmagw Dzawada’enuwx Nations, we are growing carnivore monitoring, salmon genetics, and youth leadership programs in the region.

Research associate | Raincoast Conservation Foundation
2012-present: In addition to my academic research, I volunteer with science programming at a Heiltsuk and Wuikinuxv Nation youth re-discovery camps. I advise Raincoast staff on community engagement. I volunteer and speak at public events that aim to inspire public audiences about our research, conservation campaigns, and informed advocacy.

Scientific advisory board | Co-existing with Carnivores Alliance
2014-present: Represent Raincoast in a science advisory capacity and work with conservation practitioners and educators to implement community youth carnivore monitoring programs.

Scientific advisory board | Spirit Bear Research Foundation
2014-present: Collaboration between the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nation and conservation scientists to address locally-relevant conservation concerns in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Informal advisor | Wuikinuxv Nation and Central Coastal First Nations Bear Group
2012-present: Bear project duties in the territories we work in often extend into advising on fisheries, terrestrial habitat impacts, the research process, or funder networking.

Organizer | The “Get Out Migration” & Alexandra Morton’s wild salmon programs
2010-2012: During my work with Raincoast Research Society, community organizing for public events to build the public conversation around the ecological impacts of salmon farms, including a 30-day, 500km walk/campaign (the “Get Out Migration”).

– below are authored by me. See here for media coverage and articles about the work of my colleagues and mine.

2019 “Bears, salmon, and people” – Raincoast Conservation Foundation blog.
2018 “Camping in Wuikinuxv Territory” – ACS lab blog.
2017 “Year-round collaborations find us in a frosty Great Bear Rainforest” – ACS lab blog.
2016 Interviews for Trophy. Film for Lush Cosemetics Ethical Campaigns.
2016 “Wild neighbours: Sharing your community with wildlife” – CV Collective Magazine, Vol. 7.
2015 “Acknowledging Inequalities in Conservation Science” – ACS lab blog.
2014 “Doing Science That Matters: Engaging with Communities in Collaborative Scientific Research” – The Equation Blog, Union of Concerned Scientists. Cross posted on blogs for the Hakai Institute, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
2014 “Exploring Wildlife in Wuikinuxv” – Land Lines Blog, Nature Conservancy of Canada.
2013 “Where the bears are: an update on the Wuikinuxv grizzly project” – Land Lines Blog, Nature Conservancy of Canada.
2009 “Spawning Trouble: the political ecology of farmed salmon” –  feature article for The Martlet, UVic’s independent student newspaper.

2022 Core Cultural Safety Foundations, San’yas Anti-racism Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program
2020 Effective Group Facilitation, Civic Engagement, SFU Continuing Education
2020 Authentic Facilitation, Anima Leadership
2019-21 Introduction to Kwak’wala Language, North Island College
2012 Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2: CORE)
2012 Small Vessel Operator Proficiency
2012 MED A3
2012 Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime)
2006-20 Wilderness First Aid, 90 Hr, Slipstream Wilderness First Aid

Megan Adams, Postdoctoral Fellow
Conservation Decisions Lab, UBC
megan.s.adams (at)